A slightly faded, repetitive pattern with just a touch of color sets the tone in this charming, bright bathroom.

This blue floral tile pattern will continue looking its best for many years thanks to ceramic tile’s durability.

A black and white floral tile pattern turns this simple nook into the highlight of the bathroom.

Is it just us, or does this bathroom tile feature wall design create the look of rising flames?

White and silver lotus flowers overlap in this gorgeous wallpaper-look ceramic tile.

Bathroom backsplash made of gray patterned ceramic tile

A unique floral tile pattern in a grayscale wallpaper look turns this bathroom from boring to bold.

Wallpapered-look bathroom backsplash tile with a gold design

Wallpaper-look tile is at its finest in this bathroom, showing off a regal golden floral design.

Talk about a room with a view! (And we’re not talking about the ocean, but the random mix of vintage-look tile patterns.)

With the ability to print any design on ceramic tile, 3D design looks like this are possible.

Three-dimensional flooring? No — that’s just the illusion created by this unique tile flooring pattern.

Who said stone looks have to be earth tones? With ceramic tile, you can find any natural look in any color.

This floor tile offers a playful twist on standard stone looks by going with a blue hue and hexagon shape.