This contemporary living room pairs ceramic tile planks in muted cream and brown shades with minimalist furniture and decorations. Note the offset flooring pattern yet the stacked wall pattern for a slight design modification.

Set the mood with wood-look ceramic tile in a smokey gray-brown. Lighter furniture and accents contrast well with the flooring and lighten the space. Earthen tones “ground” the space for any color accent (forgive the pun).

Fireplace or feature wall? This living room combines both in a spectacular gray stone-look ceramic tile design that extends to the flooring and creates a truly one-of-a-kind look for the entire room.

Wondering how this floor looks so pristine? Ceramic tile is resistant to stains, scratches, fading, and bacteria growth and is easy to clean in a few simple steps, perfect for busy homes and commercial spaces.

A perfect design choice: The light color of this tile creates a bright atmosphere that pairs well with the paint and furniture colors, while the slight variation in the surface color adds visual interest and accents the dark cabinetry.

Wood-look tile overlaid with an antique design of text and symbols — anything is possible with modern ceramic tile manufacturing! You won’t see a floor such as this just anywhere. The huge options of ceramic tile designs gives you the ability to express your own style.

Rugged, retro bathrooms need maps, chests, lanterns, nautical decor, and — of course — this wood-look ceramic tile in bourbon-esque shades. Aye, aye, matey! And, of course, ceramic tile is the durable material you want for smooth-sailing maintenance.

Unique kitchen designs start with unique flooring — such as this vintage-looking gray and blue patterned tile installed in a “rug” floor pattern as an accent for the kitchen island.

Have an open-concept home? Transitioning from one tile look to another can help you delineate specific areas while still maintaining an open floorplan. This flooring incorporates a “rug” accent of patterned tile that ties together all the kitchen elements: appliances, cabinetry, countertops, wall color, and backsplash.

Create an industrial chic look in your home or restaurant (or office space) with ceramic tile that pairs the look of cement with the superior functionality of tile. The easy cleaning of ceramic tile is welcomed in any space, but especially spaces that are shared.

Industrial chic looks are trending in both businesses and homes, and concrete-look tile is the perfect material choice: durability and easy maintenance for the win! Choose ceramic tile for spaces that need to be cleaned quickly in order to create a hygienic environment for shared spaces.