Healthcare (Medical Centers / Clinics)

Highly durable, easy-to-clean medical center materials

Ceramic Tile Facilitates Medical Center Operations

Clinics, doctors’ offices and other medical centers must be more comfortable and approachable than a hospital or emergency room, yet also maintain the same level of sanitation and cleanliness. Tile can provide both!

While nobody looks forward to a trip to the medical center or clinic, you can design an environment that will calm nerves, comfort, and inspire with the use of ceramic tile.

When patients are already physically and emotionally distressed, a purposefully welcoming space will help brighten up the mood. Whether you opt for cheery colors or warm mosaics, your creation will be the first sign of relief each patient sees—utilize the wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes available in ceramic tile.

Highly suitable for medical use, ceramic tile is also durable, easy to clean, and has a long lifespan ⁠— just look at how it’s been used over the centuries. Ceramic tile can handle heavy traffic from thousands of patients per day, resist moisture, and resist abrasive dirt. This is important for keeping the facility sanitary and reducing the spread of germs. Softer surfaces that can be scratched  or that are not water resistant provide space for bacteria to hide.

Ceramic tile always has a clean bill of health!

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