Case Study

Trinity Plaza II

Case Study:
Trinity Plaza II

 No demolition? No problem. Ceramic tile technology made this remodel a breeze.


Project Description

The owner of Trinity Plaza wanted an updated floor to bring new life into the building, but demolishing the existing flooring was not an option. 

Trinity Plaza II is a 119,456 sq. ft. midtown high-rise in San Antonio, Texas. The Plaza needed an updated floor to give the interior of the building a fresh face. The owner, however, wanted the new floor installed with no demolition. To keep costs down, the crew was also asked to work only during standard working hours. These parameters made for a challenge, but the use of ceramic tile completed this project on time and on budget! The past popularity of pink granite from Texas quarries made this building look dated when compared to newer construction. Crème marble-look gauged porcelain tile panel/slabs were chosen to install over the pink granite, and the lighter flooring gave the Plaza an instant, contemporary makeover.


Why Tile®?

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Installing the tile with no demolition and requiring the crew to work only during standard working hours saved the owners well over $500,000. After seeing the ease of the first installation in the main lobby and elevators, the owners made the wise decision to install tile in the bathrooms, as well. Decorative inlays were chosen as a transition from the hallway to the restrooms to creatively tie the two spaces together. 

Along with versatile design advantages, ceramic tile is easier to clean and needs less maintenance than granite flooring. Building employees were excited to know their work was made easier by having tile in the areas of the Plaza that have the most foot traffic. Less chemicals used in regular maintenance plus virtually no waste during construction (rather than the waste often associated with remodels due to demolition) provided additional benefits to the environment!


Project Details

Lobby floors, elevator floors, restroom floors and walls

Qualified Labor:
Triniti Vigil ACT/CTI, Adam Arellano ACT/CTI, and Zack Bonfilio CTI

Tile Contractor:
J&R Tile, Inc.

San Antonio, Texas

Tile Category:
Industrial/Heavy Commercial

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