Retail (Hair Salons)

Welcoming, fresh design for hair salons

Tile facilitates beautiful design, durable function for salons

A great stylist keeps customers coming back and it’s a great design that makes them feel welcomed, attractive, and a cut above. Using ceramic tile in a hair salon environment can appeal to new clientele and create the buzz needed to generate new business.

Ceramic tile provides the versatile artistic medium that you need to realize your salon design dreams. This is true whether you are creating a friendly neighborhood barber shop or an A-list luxury hair salon.

Ceramic tile is extremely durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean. Clippings and dyes are no match. Slip resistant options ensure no one will slip on stray suds. With a wide array of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes of tiles to work with, your design can be inspired by an up-do, French braid, flat top, or waterfall curls (just think about it). Distinctly mark your salon’s style apart from the competition with ceramic tile.

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