Hospitality / Recreation (Cafes)

Hospitable, welcoming tile design for cafes

Cafe Hospitality

Design a café that complements the aroma of roasting coffee and flows as fluid throughout as the music that drifts out to the sidewalk. Today’s café has slowed from the no-foam-one-shot-vanilla-skim-latte-to-go atmosphere to one that creates a space for others to connect with each other or to connect with the world through their fingertips—a place that is both for gatherings and for focus, casual and yet ideal for business meet-ups.

Choose a ceramic tile combination as unique as your coffee order. With shape, size, color, and texture variety, ceramic tile flooring can travel up the wall, to countertops, to any surface (really). Create a wall-to-wall atmosphere that is unequalled and with the ease of maintenance and the durability to withstand a variety of uses. Have no worries about chairs and tables being dragged to new configurations of interaction. Guests will grow the infinite possibilities the more accommodating your design can be.

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