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Fun meets function with ceramic tile in educational facilities

Institutional Facilities for Education Benefit with Tile

Design a durable and clean building to inspire our next generation of leaders.

Flex some creative muscle while being functional—design with ceramic tile. Whether decorating vaulted atriums with school mascot mosaics, or lining the hallways with geometric algorithms, ceramic tile creates motivating designs without sacrificing durability. Reflect ultimate school spirit with the wide range of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors that withstand high foot traffic and repeated cleaning.

Ceramic tile offers the safety of slip and fire resistance, as well as the hypoallergenic characteristics of being resistant to mold and bacteria. Ceramic tile is one of the healthiest flooring choice available as it emits no harmful toxins. Given that students spend most of their day within the walls of the school building, you’ll want to design with healthy materials. Your design in ceramic tile proactively promotes wellness to keep the school environment from harboring sickness, which will lead to a higher rate of attendance and increased focus, culminating in a better learning environment for our children.

Go team tile!

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