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Ceramic tile became especially popular for public buildings during the Victorian era. Through the centuries, tile has remained the preferred choice to adorn the most spectacular and historically significant structures covering surfaces from floors and roofs to walls decorated with mosaic masterpieces. Tile continues to dominate community institution design due high quality and durability.

Ceramic tile earned its prominence in bustling squares and gathering spaces with versatile colors shapes, and style, its zero-waste manufacturing and sustainability, and its high value, making it just as appropriate in modern-day applications as in time-honored sacred sites.

As students and staff shuffle through the hallways at K-12 schools and between classes in university lecture halls, scratch-resistant ceramic tile flooring will hold up to daily foot traffic unlike other alternatives. Tile also lends a sleek and professional look plus low-maintenance longevity for busy government and municipal buildings, community and civic centers, and imparts beauty and atmosphere into places of worship. In high-traffic public locations, the hygienic benefits of tile are especially welcome, as its moisture-resistant surface is hypoallergenic and doesn’t support the growth of fungi, mold or bacteria. Ceramic tile is the greenest option of flooring material available and offers essential public safety features, such slip resistance, fire resistance, and VOC-free.

Designing green for public spaces afford you an opportunity to respond to specific government RFP requirements (and may qualify you for cost benefits). Public accountability for sustainable building is within your reach. Learn more  about green building and public facilities standards at


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