Ceramic tile’s durability allows for the versatility needed in multipurpose spaces.



  1. Ability to provide a hygienic environment in a high-traffic area
  2. Easy and efficient cleaning for quick changes in use
  3. Durable and scratch-resistant for moving furniture
  4. Flame resistant and slip-resistant options for occupant safety
  5. Long life for lower life cycle cost


Optimize the design of your multipurpose space with ceramic tile.

Health and hygiene are one of the most important considerations in multipurpose spaces that often host varied individuals, groups, and shared objects. Ceramic tile is inhospitable to the growth of mold and bacteria, making it easier to maintain a hygienic environment for multiple uses. Some ceramic tile options are antimicrobial, meaning they can suppress and even destroy harmful microorganisms such as viruses, mold, fungi, and bacteria.

Easy cleaning is essential in a space that might need to quickly transform for a different purpose or for different occupants. Whether you’re transitioning your living room into your home gym, sharing a workspace, or preparing for the next group event at a community center, the ability to clean quickly and thoroughly can mean the difference between using a space or not. Ceramic tile has an incredibly easy cleaning routine, and no harsh chemicals are necessary. To clean up most messes, simply sweep, wipe with clean water, and dry tile thoroughly. Some non-ceramic surfaces can discolor or dull from cleansers. Ceramic tile’s color is baked right in during the manufacturing process and cannot be altered by cleaning products if deep cleaning or disinfecting is necessary.

Multipurpose spaces may need rearranging between uses to serve all the intended objectives. Moving furniture can expose surface fading, as well as risk scuffing, scratching, and denting for many nonceramic surfaces. Ceramic tile’s durable, hard-baked surface will not fade from exposure to sunlight and is scratch and stain resistant to withstand the regular movement of furniture without the risk of damage.

Safety is a top-priority in spaces that experience high traffic and large numbers of people. Ceramic tile has many slip-resistant options available for multipurpose spaces where spills can occur, such as kitchens, community spaces, and event venues. Ceramic tile is also flame-resistant and won’t burn or produce smoke and does not feed flame spread, which may help to provide a clear exit path in case of an emergency.

Ceramic tile is a versatile surface that can be used in any space, indoors or out, providing only one easy maintenance routine for an entire building. Plus, ceramic tile offers longevity and the lowest life-cycle cost when compared to nonceramic flooring options, which means less replacement and repairs and fewer interruptions in the ongoing use of a space. In addition to providing functional benefits, ceramic tile comes in seemingly limitless style options with colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, and textures to combine for a unique design.

Whether residential or commercial, spaces designed with ceramic tile are prepared to handle multiple activities—with style. Explore our Design Gallery for examples of tile styles for your multipurpose space, and visit our blog to learn more about strategic reasons for using ceramic tile in multipurpose spaces.


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