Durable performance for heavy-duty industry.


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Industrial properties are all about efficiency . . . on a grand scale. Warehouses and fulfillment/distribution centers often aren’t customer-facing and tend to remain behind the scenes. Transportation hubs serve to move you along as seamlessly as possible. This construction goal is to provide the best function and your design must be up to the task.

When your flooring choice is compatible with a large volume of moving or stored product, machinery, and round the clock travelers, you’re talking durability. There can be no stumbles at o’dark-thirty because the flooring (of all things) has an issue.

Ceramic tile offers unprecedented durability that won’t falter despite heavy use. It is naturally scratch-resistant, water-resistant, low-maintenance, and frost and heat resistant.

Explore these examples to learn more about the use of tile for heavy commercial applications. And, with the large undertaking of industrial construction, it is ever-more important to incorporate Green Building practices. Learn more about being eco-friendly with naturally occurring ceramic tile materials at


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