Public / Institutional (Community Centers)

Design a welcoming community center with long-lasting ceramic tile

Tile is functional, durable, and beautiful

Spacious, durable, and accommodating. A successfully designed community center makes the most of it’s space to build community and offer needed services.

The versatility ceramic tile provides allows it to act as the centerpiece of a design or an accent to lend a bit of timeless beauty to any surface. Choose from an array of shapes, sizes, and colors that are all durable and easy to clean.

Wedding receptions, council meetings, youth groups, and chess clubs—community centers are used for a variety of activities like these (and more), many of which require the space to handle years of unpredictable use. Rest assured that the ease of maintenance allows the morning craft fair not to interfere with the evening charity fundraiser.

Plan for ceramic tile to serve the residents indoors and out with a beautiful, functional location that will build community for many generations.

Tile Buying Guide

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