Offering variety, increased life for historic buildings

Inside view of arches inside the Guardian Building in Detroit,Michigan

Preserving historical style with tile

Ceramic tile bridges historic allure and contemporary living. When renovating or repairing a property for historic relevance, use the one construction material that is made of all naturally occurring materials and reflects the same craftsmanship and durability of materials used centuries ago.


Ceramic tile can be used for creating — or recreating — any design. Comply with local historic buildings codes and design new life into an historic residence or public building. The versatility to assume such varied historic styles as Victorian to mid-Century American comes from tile’s vast selection of colors, shapes, sizes and textures, including the option to have custom tiles created for your specific use. Only with ceramic tile do you have the material integrity to authentically represent our varied world cultures.

When working with historic properties, you will be familiar with materials that have survived prolonged wear and possibly unknown conditions. Design with the confidence that creations in tile match historical materials for durability—ceramic tile is resistant to scratches, abrasive dirt, mold, mildew, bacteria, heavy wear, and is ideal for wet applications.

When you want your new design to last as long as the original construction and have the same respect for craftsmanship, use ceramic tile for timeless beauty.

Explore ceramic tile’s rich historical significance and craft legacy through the Tile Heritage Foundation at www.tileheritage.org.



Queensboro Bridegmarket
  1. A vast selection ensures the ability to respect any original style and era
  2. Superior craftsmanship and durability
  3. Simple water is often all that is needed for cleaning, which protects any surrounding historical materials from harsh chemicals
  4. Made of naturally occurring materials so that no elements outside the historic context are introduced
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