Ceramic tile creates a healthy, stylish, and waterproof shower.



  1. Inhospitable to mold, mildew, and bacteria
  2. Easy to clean and hypo-allergenic
  3. Limitless styles for unique designs
  4. Slip-resistant options ideal for wet areas
  5. Long-lasting and durable through continued use


Room Type

Create a beautiful and efficient shower space with ceramic tile.

Ceramic tile allows you to think outside the typical shower “box” and create any look you desire. From the floor to the ceiling, you have the ability to style to your shower that’s full of functionality. Choose between mosaics, geometric patterns, bright colors, wood looks, or a sleek marble style . . .  and bust out of the box! 

“Families” of ceramic tile include coordinating shapes, sizes, and textures of tile so that you can customize your shower to harmonize with the rest of your bathroom. Choosing ceramic tile for your shower, as well as your bathroom backsplash, walls, floor, and ceiling, provides a cohesive look. Ceramic tile also offers a large variety of options that have slip resistant features so that you can choose the perfect tile for your shower

In addition to style, ceramic tile also provides protection for a shower’s construction. When properly installed, the ceramic tile system provides a waterproof layer between the wall and the shower’s moist environment. (The average 15-minute shower can use approximately 30 gallons of water or more! ) Mold and mildew can thrive in wet environments but ceramic tile is inorganic and does not support the growth of mold and mildew. Should these allergens develop on soap residue in your shower, ceramic tile is easy to clean, as well as being scratch and stain-resistant.

Curbless showers allow greater accessibility than traditional shower basins as there is no step over a threshold. This advantage is especially helpful for individuals with mobility concerns to maintain safety and independence while bathing. 

However large or small your shower, your ceramic tile installer can create both a unique layout for your tile and also create any desired niches, benches, or additional features. 

Curbless shower or doorless shower? Outside shower or private shower? Perhaps a double shower or maybe a dog shower? Ceramic tile can meet all of your needs with style and strength to keep your shower gleaming for decades.

Tile Buying Guide

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