Industrial (Transportation)

Tile offers function, style for transportation center design

Heavy-Duty Industrial Design for Transportation Centers

Designing transportation hubs like airports and train stations is an opportunity to affect the lives of tens of thousands each day. Ceramic tile meets your safety requirements for slip and mold resistance, nonflammable, and eco-friendly materials while giving you a creative canvas for your design. Playful mosaics, regal atriums, graceful hallways, and welcoming docking bays are your next stop with ceramic tile. Already known as the unequalled standard for airports, train stations, and bus terminals, the timeless beauty of ceramic tile has proven it’s quality and durability for decades.

Chose from the extensive selection of colors, shapes, and sizes of tile that are inherently resistant to abrasive dirt, moisture, and wear from heavy foot traffic.

Whether a passenger is running to catch her train or cooling his jets for a delayed flight, ceramic tile provides safety, durability and efficiency that is out of this world.

Tile Buying Guide

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