Case Study:
Private Yacht

Porcelain tile offers a creative, functional and beautiful option for new flooring in an elegant yacht.


Project Description

When the old marble had to go, the project team of this yacht renovation opted for porcelain tile panels–a fresh, functional update.

When the owners of Yacht Hillsboro were ready to set sail with a new floor to replace the aged marble on its main deck, they found that porcelain tile panels offered an ideal creative solution—the ability to fulfill the unique performance requirements of an ocean-going vessel while also providing elegance fitting of the 98’ yacht.

Yacht Hillsboro—based out of Hillsboro Beach, Florida—is a luxury ship that has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and has also made several cruises in the Mediterranean. For the renovation of the ship’s interior, the owners contacted the team with Big Apple Marble & Tile Restoration to identify the best material for the project. Rather than recommending new marble slabs, the team determined that large format, gauged porcelain tile panels would be the best option to replace the aged marble that was already in place.

Removing the old marble on the deck that was adhered with epoxy proved difficult, but, once that task was complete, the installers found that sailing was smooth. Due to the nature of the jobsite, the team made some cuts to the panels in their shop and finished the remaining ones on the ship. Because the installation was within a seafaring vessel, special membranes were applied beneath the tile, and a silicone base was used, rather than grout, for all joints.


Why Tile®?

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With its ability to skin a variety of surfaces, porcelain tile offers many unique benefits. Only 5.6 mm thick, the chosen tile is relatively lightweight compared to many materials—such as stone slabs—yet extraordinarily hardwearing and durable. Also, the panels’ large size, 1m x 3m, means fewer grout joints. They can be used not only on floors but on interior and exterior walls as well. They can also be installed over a variety of substrates, including, in many cases, existing tile. In addition, porcelain requires a great deal less maintenance than marble.

Porcelain tile featuring a rich, beautiful look akin to calacatta marble, was selected for Yacht Hillsboro. The 5.6mm thickness of the panels is durable enough for use on floors yet still has a very lean profile, optimal for a seafaring vessel. The installation team fashioned a book-matched application, creating a design that flows continuously throughout the vessel.


Project Details

Project Consultant:
Big Apple Marble & Tile Restoration

Tile Contractor:
D&B Tile Distributors

Hillsboro, FL

Tile Category:
Recreation / Leisure

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