A ceramic tile backsplash complements your design with a unique statement and value-added functionality



  1. Protect your wall from inadvertent water splashes and grease/food spatter
  2. Easy to clean and maintain
  3. Flame, mold, bacteria, and fungi resistant
  4. Stain and scratch resistant
  5. Provides the “wow-factor” for any room with flexibility in design, style, and budget

Room Type

The backsplash has your back in any setting that needs  protection from water and flame

Backsplashes are commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and bar areas as a practical element that protects walls from the damage of water and/or grease and food. Ceramic tile offers water, stain, bacteria, mold, mildew, and flame resistance.

The latest technical innovations and décor trends have made the  backsplash more than a functional surface solution. A ceramic tile backsplash is the opportunity to add fun, beauty, and color to your design with a wide variety of styles, sizes and textures to choose from. Designers and architects are flexing their creative muscles by adding backsplash elements as focal points that bring an entire design together.

Looking to remodel? Designers suggest using your heart-pounding-I-love-you-tile in one detail, such as a backsplash, and the rest of your design choices will fall more easily into place. A backsplash area is a space that may allow you more freedom of color, shape, texture—and even cost—as it is a small surface area compared to a floor or wall. You’ll be true to your authentic instinct without being overwhelmed with decisions. The result? You’ll love your overall design!

Learn more about the variety of designs and sizes you can use in a backsplash: subway tiles, specialty-shapes, mosaic, glass, mirror, 3-D/texture, and large-patterns to add a unique feature to your room design.

Tile Buying Guide

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