Public / Institutional (Churches)

Create a gracious and reverent house of worship with ceramic tile

Los Angeles Cathedral

Tile is a highly durable, inspirational material for churches

Ceramic tile provides the opportunity to create an atmosphere of serenity and reverence for houses of worship that will have a lifetime of beauty and service to the community.

Available in an abundant number of different colors, shapes, and sizes, ceramic tile can create any design you are inspired by, from a gothic cathedral to a contemporary temple. Your design may support a light-filled sanctuary or compliment a colorful stained glass chapel.

Ceramic tile is praised for its resisting water, stains, and abrasive dirt. Its natural resistance to mold, stains, and scratches helps ceramic tile remain bacteria-free. This durability is especially important for churches may be called to serve as emergency relief centers during disasters such as floods. Standing waters can prove an immediate health risk and having a surface that can easily be cleaned before, during, and after people come through from areas affected will keep the location sanitary and safe.

Tile Buying Guide

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