Corporate / Office (Office Buildings)

Office buildings designed for employees

Using tile to create a welcoming work environment

Instill a sense of wonder in others by designing a workspace they want to be in.

Ceramic tile can be designed as a focal point or as an accent due to the wide range of shapes, colors, and size options. Additionally, ceramic tile can provide an effective alternative to materials like wood and stone without their drawbacks of reduced durability and higher cost. Ceramic tile is easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t support the growth of bacteria, keeping the work area healthy while making sure your design is inspirational.

Because ceramic tile is inherently Green, incorporating ceramic tile into your design allows businesses to participate in sustainable construction—a contribution to the community that will bring them additional recognition (and cost benefits).

Bust out of the corporate cubicle mode and lead your clients to a design that respects the environment inside and out.

Tile Buying Guide

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