Marble-Look Gauged Porcelain Tile Kitchen Table

Our Favorite Porcelain Furniture on Instagram

We recently explained why gauged porcelain is our new favorite material for furniture, and now we want to share some of our favorite porcelain furniture examples from Instagram. All of these examples showcase different designs and even types of furniture, but they have one thing in common: gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs. Intrigued? Read on.  Gauged…

Gauged Porcelain Tile Kitchen

Gauged Porcelain Tile: Our New Favorite Furniture

Gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs — porcelain tiles measuring as long as 15 feet, as wide as five feet, and as thin as 3.5 millimeters — are currently one of the trendiest surface coverings available, and we don’t just mean for flooring and walls. These big and beautiful tiles are also becoming a popular option for…

Kitchen with a wood-look tile wall and flooring

Hot Kitchen Flooring Tile Trends

Last week we shared cool kitchen flooring tile ideas with you, and now we’re heating things up with hot kitchen flooring tile.  What makes kitchen tile sizzle? We searched for tile in warm hues, as well as tile in patterns that evoke cozy, passionate, and playful feelings. All in all, you’re sure to find a…

Ceramic tile for dog showers and pet washing stations

Dog Showers You (and Your Pup) Will Love

Every dog owner knows the struggle of muddy paw prints after going for a walk or playing outside.  Rinsing off Rover with a hose outdoors isn’t always possible because of location or climate. Wiping off Winnie with a rag is a short-term solution at best. Using your regular shower or sink generally gives you a…


Cool Kitchen Flooring Tile Trends

Looking for kitchen flooring ideas? Stone-, slate-, and wood-look ceramic tile are all popular options for kitchen flooring, but no one said you have to stick with a traditional style. Unusual kitchen tile flooring is currently trending, especially in cool colors such as blues, grays, and greens. Whichever shade you choose, cool hues inspire feelings…


Easy Cleaning Tips for Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

Different types of ceramic tile collectively make up the ceramic tile family and all share ceramic tile’s easy-cleaning benefits. Each of the tile subsets is produced slightly differently and may consequently have additional advantages that lend themselves to specific applications. “Ceramic tile” (nonporcelain ceramic tile surfaces, such as quarry tile, regular ceramic tile, pressed floor tile,…


Back to Nature: Ceramic Tile in Earth Tones

Inspired by the colors found in the outdoors, earth tones are soothing shades that bring the calm and peacefulness of nature to your home.  Ceramic tile presents a great opportunity to incorporate earth tones into your interior decor. Before you jump to conclusions, we’re not just talking about a range of browns and beiges, but…


Five Places You’ll Secretly Find Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is known for its functional benefits and aesthetics, but did you know that porcelain isn’t just for flooring? Thicker porcelain pavers and thin panels/slabs have expanded porcelain’s versatility to include impressive uses.  The most recent advancement in porcelain is gauged porcelain tile: Specially manufactured porcelain tile in panels or slabs as long as…


Low-Maintenance Benefits of Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

When it comes to beautiful materials for your home, stylish looks may often come with the price of high-maintenance care, but that doesn’t have to be the case. As with all ceramic tile, porcelain tile’s limitless design possibilities are matched by performance and functionality, including the following low-maintenance, cost-saving benefits. Dirt & Allergen Resistance Ceramic…


Artisan Planter Box Auction

Perhaps quarantine time at home has allowed you an opportunity to explore new ideas for improving your outdoor living spaces or you are keeping yourself and your family busy with creative craft projects. We’ve shared instructions with you earlier for one way to make a planter box from mosaic tile or leftover tile you have…

Beautiful kitchen with ceramic tile floor

Post-Pandemic Dream Kitchen Guide

“Home” has taken on new meaning in 2020. Once a place to rest and recharge after work, school, and socializing, our homes are now makeshift offices, classrooms, gyms, studios—you name it.  Kitchen-First Philosophy Sheltering in place and social distancing means spending more time in our homes in general, so why focus on the kitchen specifically?…


Ceramic Tile for Universal Design & Minimalist Trends

Interior decor trends are rarely both fashionable and functional — until now.  Minimalism and universal design are currently two of the hottest trends in home decor. While the two aren’t exactly the same, these styles have plenty of elements in common that enhance both styles. Ceramic tile’s clean lines, ease of maintenance, and design versatility…


Not Your Typical Pool Tile

Searching for an innovative look for your pool addition or remodel? If you are looking for a design that knocks typical blue pool tiles out of the water, make a style splash with these unique pool tile examples from Instagram. Patterned Poolside Tile View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ceramics of Italy…

Spacious outdoor patio

Explore the Great Outdoor Tile Possibilities

Nothing makes us want to get outdoors more than blue skies and some sunshine. Of course, it helps if you have a beautiful outdoor space, and creating such a space starts with selecting durable, weather-resistant, and stylish materials. Create your own private getaway with ceramic tile and turn every ordinary day into a stay-cation you’ll…


How to Add Hygge to Your Home

The Danish design trend hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) involves creating a comfortable home in which to spend quality time and connect with your loved ones. Hygge is more of a concept or way of life than any one thing, which is why there isn’t an adequate English translation for the word. A hygge approach promotes well-being…


Indoor-Outdoor Tile: Your Complete Guide

As homeowners continue to embrace open-concept floor plans inside the home and designated living spaces outside, a trend to blur the delineation of these areas has emerged.  Indoor-outdoor transitional spaces combine the comforts of indoor living with the advantages of outdoor areas, such as fresh air, the view or beauty of natural surroundings, outdoor activities,…