2023 Tile Trends: Pinks

After seven weeks of counting down, we’re thrilled to announce that Coverings is just about here! And you know what that means: one last 2023 tile trend. So, let’s get into it: pink tile. Pinks are an easy way to introduce color into monochromatic spaces. As designers move away from all-white and gray interiors and…


2023 Tile Trends: Darkening

Are you getting as excited about Coverings as we are? Our review of 2023 tile trends keeps building our anticipation of the show — so let’s check out another!  From high-end homes to hospitality interiors, darker hues are being used to give spaces a sense of modern elegance and edginess. Dark interiors can be calming…


2023 Tile Trends: Statement Stones

Three weeks remain until Coverings, and we hope you’re getting as excited as we are. To share our enthusiasm and continue our National Tile Day celebration, we’re highlighting yet another 2023 tile trend. This week’s trend: statement stones. What makes a “statement stone” look? In design, we are seeing a significant effort toward individual expression…

2 cm gauged porcelain tile pavers

2023 Tile Trends: In & Out

Our countdown to Coverings continues with another 2023 tile trend. This week, we’re highlighting not a tile design, but a new type of tile: 2 cm gauged porcelain tile pavers. Increasingly more tile collections are including 2 cm thick pavers to match their thinner indoor counterparts, allowing for indoor-outdoor transitions with stylistic continuity. Connecting the interior…


2023 Tile Trends: Cemented

It’s our third week celebrating National Tile Day and counting down to Coverings.  This is a long-time favorite, so we’ll cut right to the chase: Our third tile trend for 2023 is cemented looks. If you’re getting deja vu, it’s because cement-look tile was trending in 2020 as well. But while 2020’s trend focused on…


2023 Tile Trends: Cobbled 

Our celebration of National Tile Day and countdown to Coverings continues with a second 2023 tile trend we’re calling “Cobbled.” This trend represents any tile design that appears to be pieced together. With the same intrigue of a mosaic, we are drawn to cobbled looks for their unique configurations and casual elegance. Here’s why we…

Undulated tile in black and cream

2023 Tile Trends: Undulated

Happy National Tile Day! Why Tile is celebrating National Tile Day by counting down to Coverings, the preeminent event of the North American tile and stone industry. Every week until Coverings, we’ll share one of the tile trends experts expect to take off in 2023 (and that we are likely to see a lot of…


81 Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Regardless of whether you have a small or large space, a ceramic tile backsplash can make a huge design impact.  Particularly in the bathroom, backsplash tile can set the tone for the whole space while also protecting your walls from water damage and creating a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean surface. Of course, the impact of bathroom backsplash…

Blush herringbone tile backsplash

Blush Tile: Applications and Design Ideas

Blush at the thought! Consumers aren’t being shy about a desire for a fresh start this year. Interior designers and manufacturers are answering the call with a fresh take on a warm neutral: blush. Sherwin-Williams has selected a blush hue as its 2023 color of the year. Likewise, Farrow & Ball, the iconic wallpaper and…

Wallpapered-look bathroom backsplash tile with a gold design

Go for the Gold With Gold Tile

Searching for a “wow factor” look that’s sure to impress? Gold tile might just be the answer. Gold tile offers everything from luxurious gilded designs to clean contemporary aesthetics. At the same time, it provides all of the low-maintenance benefits you’ve come to expect from ceramic tile, including scratch, stain, fade, and fire resistance. Easy…


39 Tips for Using Ceramic Tile Outdoors

Versatility within the “ceramic tile family” (porcelain tile, quarry tile, wall tile, pressed floor tile, and mosaic tile) gives you a wide variety for specifying the appropriate option for your outdoor project. Each of these tile subsets is ceramic tile and thus shares ceramic tile’s general benefits.  For example, ceramic tile is water-resistant, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant,…


New 2 cm Gauged Porcelain Tile Paver Specifications Released

The Tile Council of North America (TCNA) is proud to announce the revised ANSI A137.3 American National Standard Specifications for Gauged Porcelain Tiles and Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels/Slabs – 2022 publication. This standard is available now from TCNA and includes new specifications for 2 cm gauged porcelain tile pavers. The Importance of the Standard 2 cm…


Vintage Tile Bathroom Ideas

There’s something about bathroom décor inspired by vintage tile designs that speaks to an appreciation of the classic beauty and functionality of ceramic tile, as well as tile’s versatility in modern designs.  We know we’re not alone in this sentiment, so we’re sharing vintage bathroom tile ideas to stoke your creativity — plus some new retro…

bathroom with big window and spa tub

Bathroom Tile Trends: 2022

Designing a new bathroom, or simply refreshing an existing space? Either way, browsing the latest bathroom tile trends is a great place to start. Bathroom tile trends give you not only insight into what’s popular in interior design, but also a launching point for exploring your own personal aesthetic and preferences. Increasingly, we’ve seen homeowners…