Case Study

Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat

Case Study:
Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat

An oceanfront retreat uses a limited palette and ceramic tile for a modern, minimalistic design.


Project Description

This oceanfront home is a recently completed construction project in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With 10,000 square feet, 5 bedrooms, and 8 bathrooms, the home’s interior features simple design lines to showcase natural light and exquisite views.

The design team took inspiration from the artist Piet Mondrian, a leading member of the De Stijl movement (1917-1931) that approached artistic representation with simple geometric shapes and primary colors. This style centeres around basic vertical and horizontal elements and the opposing forces they create.


Why Tile®?

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The material selection for this modern residence was an important part of the design process. The design team chose materials with soothing grey tones and modern beach accents, such as whitewashed wood trends, glass panels, and black metals. The clients had originally chosen poured concrete for the home’s floors. After realizing concrete would not provide the ease of installation, maintenance, or overall look they desired, the clients decided on large-format porcelain tiles for the flooring material. The porcelain tile choice provides incredible style and durability for the home by being scratch-, stain-, water-, and fire-resistant. Because of the small rooms, the main challenge was to ensure the tiles were compatible with the rest of the home’s design. To achieve this, the design team implemented strong carpentry elements for cabinets, countertops, walls, and ceilings. They also incorporated dark accent colors and bold artwork.


Project Details

Tile was used for the floors throughout the entire home, including the master bedroom and bathroom, dining room, hallways and stairwell, kitchen, and living room. The living area also includes a tile accent wall that surrounds the fireplace.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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