When customers walk into your location, make sure they’re walking on tile.


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Businesses won’t succeed without happy customers. From big brand executives to independent shop owners, they must strike a consistent balance between attracting new patrons and sustaining returning clients. To be effective, many in-store details must come together to provide a standout customer experience, including a branded design. This is where a flooring selection is vital.

Tile offers more versatility than any other flooring medium, with ample shapes, sizes, colors, textures, finishes, and configurations that can be customized to match your design needs. Many tile options possess extensive lifespans and unparalleled cost-efficiency, so that more resources can be invested in operation costs.

Your design helps business owners attract and keep customers when they recognize the quality of where they spend money. Customers can browse storefronts, aisles, and showrooms atop a time-tested flooring solution long valued for its sustainability, superior hygiene, and effortless cleanup. These qualities are especially beneficial in high-traffic areas that accommodate many customers, including car dealerships, movie theaters, salons, grocery stores, and shopping centers.

Every square foot of the durable, scratch-resistant, and fungi-resistant tile surface is perfectly suited for a unique retail environment. Browse popular industry applications to find out more.

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