Case Study

Younique Headquarters

Case Study:
Younique Headquarters

Renovating a corporate headquarters with an atmosphere that welcomes, while expressing a modern and timeless design vision.


Project Description

How can tile contribute to the design of a modern beauty brand’s new headquarters? From style and performance to ease of installation on a tight time frame, ceramic tile is the solution this high profile project required.

Younique, an international beauty brand and the first direct sales company to market and sell almost exclusively through the use of social media, may be the darling of the digital world, but its corporate headquarters is a real-world site to behold. Located in lovely Lehi, Utah, this progressive, young company’s home base is a physical representation of all that makes Younique, well, unique.

“Younique wanted to create an inviting, modern, yet timeless atmosphere,” shares Lindsay Black, owner and principal of Lindsay Black Design, the interior design firm for the high profile project. “They wanted a design and interior products and materials that were not only ‘unique’, but that could also transition into defined spaces whether it was the cafe, spa, lobby, or common space.”

Beyond the challenge of interpreting the design vision of this beauty brand, the team also had to complete the project in a compressed time frame. The entire endeavor that began in January had to be ready for its proverbial close-up by July of the same year.

To achieve the design vision and meet required timing, Black turned to a trusted solution. She specified 23,000 square feet of porcelain tile. “Because of my familiarity with tile, I knew it would be a perfect fit for this project,” she explains.

Black selected three colors of tile, in both unpolished and honed finishes. This blend of colors and finishes provided the right variety and contrast to the tiled surfaces. Additionally, she brought in a wood-look line for its naturally appealing look, as well as its durability.

“Trends are not always timeless. I like to stick with neutral colors and patterns, then mix in a different texture or pattern to create a timeless overall design.”

To help define transitions between spaces throughout the facility and add visual interest, the project team incorporated waterjet cuts. “This really made the tile installation special and purposeful within context of the entire interior space,” shares Rod Katwyk of 3D Tile and Stone, the company that managed the waterjet cutting and was alongside for the installation process.

The versatility and quality of the tile collections turned out to be essential for the inventive approach, according to Mark Shields of Dowland Tile and Stone.

“It was modular from series to series making layout with all the waterjets simple,” says Shields. “The quality of the tile made even the hardest waterjet cuts easy.”


Why Tile®?

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The results of the design and expert tile installation hit the mark for Younique’s special vision. The facility’s interiors are thoroughly modern in style, yet the look has staying power and long term appeal. Thanks to the exceptional durability and wear resistance of the tile, the installation is much more than cosmetic; the inviting appearance will endure over time and withstand the busy facility’s constant traffic.

Black summarizes, “The diversity of product, design, quality, and service not only achieved but exceeded all expectation.”

The completed Younique headquarters is proof that, with tile, beauty is a problem solved!


Project Details

Lindsay Black Design

Jacobsen Construction

Tile Contractor:
Dowland Tile and Stone, Mark Shields

Contempo Tile

Waterjet Cutting:
3D Tile and Stone, Rod Katwyk

Lehi, UT

Tile Category:
Corporate Office

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