Take the next step and use ceramic tile to add style to your stairways.



  1. Durable materials withstand high-traffic use
  2. Versatile styles create a unique focal point
  3. Fade-, frost-, scratch-, and fire-resistant
  4. Slip-resistant options suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Room Type

A ceramic tile staircase is a strong and beautiful step-up in flooring options   

A consistent, unchanging material is the most desirable surface for staircase construction. When properly installed, ceramic tile provides a flat, hard, and level surface that is scratch-, stain-, puncture-, and warp-resistant, making tile an ideal material for stairways. Also available in slip-resistant options, ceramic tile can help make climbing stairs more manageable for all ages (even for our furry friends). Frost-resistant tile styles allow you to choose a ceramic tile that can be used throughout your project, inside and out, and in all climates. (Imagine beautifully tiled front steps leading onto a tiled porch that continues inside and through to the back patio tiled entertainment area.) 

Tiled stair risers are also a creative and affordable option for adding style to a new or established staircase. Choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns to make all the risers consistent, or mix up your choices on each riser for a “step-above” style statement. 

Mosaic tiles can be used on stairways as riser accents or to create a story of their own. A popular tourist spot in the Inner Sunset District of San Francisco is an expansive, 163-step tile staircase. The staircase depicts the image of the sea to the sun with an artful installation of mosaic tile. 

 From households to public spaces, ceramic tile provides a durable, creative material to help take your stairway to the next level. Perhaps your stairway extends your ceramic tile flooring choice or maybe your stairway provides a contrasting detail. Either way, a ceramic tile stairway is sure to be an admired décor focal point.

Ceramic tile is not only a beautiful design option; it is also an environmentally friendly and healthy choice. Ceramic tile is composed of naturally occurring materials and there are many options available that are made from recycled materials. Ceramic tile is VOC free and it does not harbor allergens such as dust mites, bacteria, fungi, and mold. Your ceramic tile staircase is also flame-resistant. Ceramic tile does not feed flame spread, burn off toxic fumes, or produce smoke when exposed to flames. Therefore, in the event of a fire emergency, a ceramic tile stairway may provide a clear path to safety!

 Durable, healthy, and beautiful—using ceramic tile for your next project is a step in the right direction!

Photo credit: Native Tile

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