Incredible lifespan and beautiful visual appeal make tile ideal for outdoor applications

outdoor cafe in hotel garden



  1. Lasts for decades- it doesn’t scratch, scuff, tear, dent, puncture, or gauge- making ceramic tile the cost-effective choice for durability and performance
  2. Limitless palette of textures, color, shapes, formats and styles
  3. Perfect for pets and people. With enhanced traction and mold-resistance, tile outperforms other materials under wet conditions
  4. Ceramic tile is frost resistant and it doesn’t fade or change with heat, making it the perfect outdoor choice for any climate


Get back to nature with the choice of natural ceramic tile for outdoor spaces

Ceramic tile offers design beyond mere functionality in outdoor spaces. The advantage of being frost-free, water and heat resistant, as well as offering anti-slip advantages means ceramic tile offer your design the same beauty and artistic options you have with indoor spaces.

Use the hundreds of colors, textures, formats, and styles as stepping stones into a beautiful outdoor environment that blends effortlessly with an indoor design and Mother Nature.

Create private patios, fire pit areas, outdoor kitchens, bustling party spaces, intricate gardens and more. You truly have no limitations.

Because ceramic tile is made of naturally occurring materials, you can build alongside nature without concern of introducing harmful materials and toxins into the earth—ceramic tile is the most eco-friendly design choice for indoor and outdoor use. For more information about green building construction and ceramic tile please visit

When compared with other materials, ceramic tile is the most functional and appealing material for creating beautiful outdoor spaces.


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