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Exclusive Resources for Why Tile Partners:

Why Tile Partner guides with tips on taking full advantage of partner benefits and how to best utilize all of Why Tile’s marketing resources

Why Tile partner branding to identify your support of the industry

• Publications, posters, and prepared monthly social media posts to use in your own campaigns and communications

• Presentations for your use that convey the benefits of ceramic tile over other surface materials and explain industry issues and advancements

Become a Why Tile Partner

The free Why Tile Partner Portal is a user-friendly resource to assist you in sharing the advantages of ceramic tile.

• access a library of free tools and support distributed via the Why Tile Partner website partners.WhyTile.com

• keep current on ceramic tile industry news

• share the benefits of using ceramic tile with customers and potential customers

• build enthusiasm for choosing ceramic tile

• inspire creativity in the use of ceramic tile

Simple registration

1. Go to partners.WhyTile.com

2. Register name and email

3. All set!

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Tile Buying Guide

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