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When guests check into a hotel, a day at the spa, or a dining experience, they’re anticipating a relaxing stay. Hospitality includes welcoming a varied guest list that includes business travelers and convention attendees to families on vacation and couples indulging in a romantic escape.

The most important common factor in delivering a positive guest experience in hospitality and recreation facilities is a memorable ambience featuring comfortable and clean accommodations. It all starts from the ground up.

Ceramic tile flooring offers superior quality that is as stylish as it is sustainable. Each tile piece is laid by hand, allowing for maximum versatility that can be customized for any setting, from the luxurious resort by the beach to the trendy new bar down the street.

From dining rooms and bathrooms to corridors and lobbies, the long-lasting benefits of tile deliver it all for public spaces: safety, strength, durability, cleanliness, and low maintenance. The great variety of beautiful styles offers anti-slip, scratch-resistant, nonflammable, VOC-free, and energy efficient designs.

Create the ideal welcoming space for a celebratory dinner, friends meeting at a café, sports fans cheering on their team, casino revelers, fitness center members, and ticket holders at any size entertainment venue.  Ceramic tile will set your design apart from the rest.

Learn more about what distinguishes ceramic tile from other materials, including its time-tested quality, versatile designs, easy maintenance, and health and ecological advantages.

The natural choice of tile is ideal for building green. Explore how to earn green building points and credits here or visit


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