Healthcare (Hospitals)

Functional hospital designs with durable, easy-to-clean tile

Create an Uplifting Healthcare Experience

As the designer or architect of a hospital, you’re the doctor. This is your opportunity to contribute to the physical healing process. Use the wide design options of ceramic tile for playful pediatric hallways or tranquil waiting rooms. The range of colors, sizes, and shapes means you can line the halls with a giraffe mosaic or use a solid sky blue ambiance to soothe —whatever you prescribe!

Ceramic tile also meets the strict requirements a hospital needs to function—anti-slip, high resistance to the wear of foot traffic and equipment, stain and scratch resistant, easy-to-clean, and nonflammable. Plus, ceramic tile is the most eco-friendly flooring choice available and is VOC free (use ceramic tile to avoid the harmful contaminants found in other surfaces).

Above all, hospital’s must maintain consistent sanitary conditions. Ceramic tile is designed to handle regular heavy traffic, resist moisture, and be unaffected by abrasive dirt that can create places for bacteria and germs to hide. Ceramic tile’s durable, strong surface is the critical care every hospital design deserves.

Tile Buying Guide

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