Ceramic tile opens doors when used to connect your indoor-outdoor living spaces.



  1. Scratch-, stain-, dent-, water-, fade- and flame-resistant
  2. Ability to withstand freeze-thaw weather cycles
  3. Low- maintenance and easy to clean
  4. Slip-resistant options ideal for outdoor walkways, patios, and pool areas
  5. Infinite design possibilities create a seamless look from indoors to outdoors


Create a fluid transition from your indoor to outdoor spaces without compromising on style and durability.

Indoor to outdoor living spaces open your home to the outdoors while blurring the boundaries of where one area stops and the other begins. Many traditional rooms are embracing a transition to the outdoors and changing the way we design outdoor spaces: living room to patio, bedroom to outdoor fireplace, bathroom to pool, and more.

Ceramic tile provides a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes and gives you the durability and dependability you need in your outdoor spaces. Ceramic tile is scratch-, scuff-, dent-, flame-, and water-resistant, making it ideal for high traffic areas exposed to weather conditions, such as indoor-outdoor spaces. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing flooring for indoor-outdoor spaces is cleaning and maintenance. Clean water is usually all it takes to clean ceramic tile, and ceramic tile’s stain resistance means you won’t have stains from yard debris.

Ceramic tile is made to take on anything Mother Nature throws its way. Ceramic tile options for outdoors can withstand freeze-thaw cycling and protect against rain, snow, humidity, spills, and splashing from a pool or hosepipe. Moisture is more likely to find its way indoors with a transitional space, and the same tile protecting against the rain or snow outdoors will also withstand any water that sneaks inside. Some materials exposed to sunlight can fade, buckle, or warp. Ceramic tile, however, is resistant to fading, allowing floors—inside and out—to keep their vibrant colors.

With many slip-resistant options to choose from, ceramic tile is excellent for bathrooms, swimming pools, and patios. Tile is also nonflammable and will not burn or emit toxic fumes when exposed to flame, so go ahead and enjoy your outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or firepit.

Ceramic tile’s infinite design options, easy care, durability, and safety advantages add up to the  versatility needed to create a seamless transition from the inside out.

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