Retail (Grocery Stores)

Design grocery stores with function and attractiveness

Grocery store design to inspire freshness & organization

Use ceramic tile to design a grocery store that imparts to every customer the same welcoming attributes of freshness, quality,  and organization that you enjoy yourself.

A grocery store’s design is deliberate. Every product position is well planned and the shopping experience has become the priority. That’s why every material used to make the space function has to fulfill multiple retail needs—flowers, produce, fresh meats, frozen entrees, and more. With all the organic offerings to display, add the naturally occurring materials in ceramic tile to the list. Use your design to aid the flow of shoppers through the store. Protect their experience with anti-slip options and fire and frost resistance. No worries about the vegetable spritzers in the produce section!

Whether it’s a clean up on aisle five (tile is easy to clean, disinfect, and does not stain) or withstanding the wheels of shopping carts (tile is resistant to scratches and damage), check out designing with ceramic tile.

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