Hospitality / Recreation (Fitness Centers)

Healthy and functional environments through ceramic tile design

Why Tile® for Fitness Centers

Fitness centers — whether focused on general wellness, bodybuilding, or yoga — are all designed to help people reach their personal physical goals.

In order to achieve this purpose, fitness centers must be able to promote and maintain a hygienic environment. Numerous individuals visit a given gym each day, touching multiple machines and — more likely than not — sweating throughout their workout. Keeping all fitness center surfaces sanitized is an uphill battle, and yet an essential element of keeping gyms open and attractive to potential new members.

Ceramic tile lightens’ gym staff’s load with bacteria and mold resistance. Some porcelain tile options even have antimicrobial properties that can suppress and even destroy harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold. Additionally, ceramic tile contains no allergens and any environmental allergens (such as dust) can easily be wiped away from ceramic tile’s surface.

Whether you’re cleaning a professional fitness center or just your home gym, you’ll appreciate ceramic tile’s incredibly easy cleaning routine: Wiping with water alone is typically enough to clean ceramic tile, but if you need to use something stronger for sanitizing or deep cleaning, you needn’t worry about it damaging or fading your tile.

Speaking of which, ceramic tile is incredibly functional and able to stand up to the demands of professional and home gyms alike

Whether it’s heavy foot traffic you’re worried about or the moving of furniture and exercise equipment as you transition your home office into your home gym (and back again), ceramic tile will remain pristine with its durability and scratch resistance. Even heavy equipment used regularly for decades can’t phase ceramic tile.

Did we mention that fitness centers are … um … places where people perspire? No matter how much you’d like to, you can’t avoid sweat in gyms — or spills from water bottles, moisture from misters, or general humidity from having so many people breathing heavily in a contained space. What you can do, however, is choose ceramic tile options that are water-resistant and slip-resistant.

And, just like with fitness, good design has no shortcuts. In professional fitness centers, the atmosphere you provide is vital to keeping patrons motivated and coming back. Even in home gyms, style is crucial to fit in with your existing home decor and help create multipurpose spaces that are fit for more than exercising. Ceramic tile provides you with natural and beautiful design choices while meeting rigorous demands.

However hard you’re working when you’re working out, you might find it motivating to remember — your ceramic tile is probably working harder to maintain a clean and healthy environment for you.

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