Hospitality / Recreation (Fitness Centers)

Healthy environments through healthy ceramic tile design

Why Tile® for Fitness Centers

Fitness centers, whether focused around general wellness, bodybuilding, or yoga, are all designed to help people reach their personal physical goals.

This functionality demands that the visual design stand up to heavy traffic and hygienic conditions. The strength of ceramic tile can easily handle the weight of equipment and sustain ongoing use for decades without showing wear. Add to form and function that ceramic tile is easy to clean, resistant to mold, anti-slip, and provides a healthy air quality. Staff and patrons will appreciate how pristine the space can be, even when active for extended hours.

As with fitness, good design has no shortcuts. The atmosphere you design is vital to keeping patrons motivated. Ceramic tile provides you with a natural and beautiful design choice while meeting the rigorous demands placed on it by . . . um . . . a place where people sweat.

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