Use ceramic tile to create unique murals for custom residential designs to large-scale public art.



  1. Ability to create custom artwork as an architectural detail
  2. Durable and long-lasting compared to painted murals
  3. Heat-, flame-, stain-, and water-resistant
  4. Fade-resistant and will not discolor from sun exposure
  5. Can be installed in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications
  6. Different tile sizes can be used to form images, from tiny to XXL tiles, and in varied or consistent shapes


Ceramic tile can create mural designs using different shapes, colors, and sizes of tile.


The Ishtar Gate (circa 575 B.C.) is one of the most famous historic examples of a ceramic tile mural and still exists today.

Some of the earliest ancient decorative ceramic tile art murals date back to 1250 B.C. Examples of decorative murals created throughout the years can be found in Mesopotamia, Persepolis, and Egypt. Today, murals created from ceramic tile can be found in public spaces, commercial buildings, and private residences.

Ceramic tile’s variety of shape, size, and design provide endless design possibilities for the creation of custom mural artwork. Mosaics are the most traditional use for mural designs. One-of-a-kind murals are created using mosaic tiles to form an image or pattern.

Intricate mosaic murals can be assembled into a design before installation. Designs can also be printed on tiles to create a mural. Each printed tile forms a piece of the larger mural.

Gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs are an emerging way to create a printed tile mural. These XXL tiles allow for large custom printing of a design with minimal grout lines. This mural technique is especially beneficial for precise imaging and murals used for business branding, as well as for exterior cladding.

Ceramic tile murals can be installed in a matter of days depending on the size of the project, while painted murals can take weeks or months to complete and properly seal. Painted murals can fade from sun exposure and be scraped or chipped over time, requiring regular maintenance to maintain the original image. The color of ceramic tile is baked into the tile, so you never have to worry about ceramic tile fading. And, ceramic tile’s durability resists scratches and stains, especially important for outdoor murals exposed to weather conditions, including flying debris. Additionally, ceramic tile murals are water- and flame-resistant, which are benefits you do not have with painted or wallpaper murals. This means a ceramic tile mural can be installed in a bathroom, kitchen, or outdoors without the fear of potential water or heat damage.

In addition to design versatility, ceramic tile is a trusted material for a variety of applications, inside and out. You can find ceramic tile murals on walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, backsplashes, shower walls, fireplaces, pools, outdoor facades, and more. Wherever you choose to install a mural, ceramic tile delivers durability and low maintenance benefits while showcasing beautiful designs that can last a lifetime.

Gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs can create a printed tile mural that can even be used for exterior cladding.


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