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Ceramic Tile is a healthy & durable material for any space

Ceramic tile is made of naturally occurring materials and is a healthy choice for indoor air quality and the sustainable choice for green building. With countless options for color, shape, and style, ceramic tile is a versatile design material that can reflect any inspiration you may have, as well as providing high durability and value for applications indoors and out.


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Ceramic tile offers key benefits when used in a wide range of applications spanning numerous industries. Learn more using the tools below to understand the advantages of specifying ceramic tile materials for different projects, including superior design options, cost comparisons, material transparency, and sustainability features for LEED credits.

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Ceramic tile is a long-lasting, highly resilient material for use in projects of all kinds. From beautiful design elements in a home, to incredibly durable flooring material for a hotel lobby, tile is an advantageous choice for a wide range of uses.

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