Case Study

Arizona Smart Kitchen

Case Study:
Arizona Smart Kitchen

Gauged porcelain slab waterfall countertops unify this home’s compact kitchen, dry bar, and entertainment area with smart style and functionality.


Project Description

The owners of this Scottsdale, Arizona, home needed an update for their small kitchen that would give the space more functionality for their family. Gauged porcelain tile slabs and smart design features bridge the kitchen space and entertainment area to other areas of the home with a modern aesthetic that has a timeless appeal.

When a design team partners with a customer who’s also a designer, you can expect spectacular results. Specifically, the family of this Arizona home requested durable, stain-resistant updates that matched their design style and also maximized functionality in a limited space. 

Timeless elegance with a modern take comes to the forefront in this project. Design focal points include the porcelain tile countertops with waterfall sides (legs) and a new dry bar. Porcelain tile’s heat resistance allowed for installing an invisible induction cooktop system. The duality of a counter you can cook on that becomes space for other uses when not cooking, expanded workspace while keeping a sleek appeal. 

In addition to optimizing this compact kitchen’s day-to-day functions, the team incorporated modern style into the kitchen island upgrade with two waterfall legs and an additional waterfall side along the perimeter counter. The new dry bar features wood-look porcelain countertops  with a waterfall leg visible from the pool and outdoor living area, creating an aesthetic that flows smoothly, inside to out.


Why Tile®?

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The surfacing selection for this project was a deliberate choice to address the customer’s need for a durable, stain-resistant material capable of accommodating an invisible cooktop system.

Gauged porcelain tile countertops are durable, stain- and heat-resistant, and offer stylish design options that fit well with the rest of the home’s eclectic decor. 

Large-format gauged porcelain slabs were chosen in two colors for the kitchen — a  delicately-veined marble-look porcelain for the kitchen island and white for the kitchen’s perimeter countertops. Variegated blue and green subway tiles add color to the full-wall kitchen backsplash to bring the whole space together. 

The newly added dry bar used wood-look gauged porcelain tile panels. The wood-look countertops add warmth and complemented the flooring, dining table, and nearby cabinetry. 

The installation process began with the utilization of a 3D Laser Measuring & Template System, which enabled precise measurements and templates for the project. This data guided the fabrication through a Speed Cutting System, ensuring accurate and efficient cutting of the large format porcelain sheets to the required dimensions. To achieve seamless edges and specialty designs like the waterfall legs, a Clean Miter System was employed. This system enabled craftsmen to create flawless mitered edges, ensuring a smooth transition between adjoining porcelain pieces or creating a continuous pattern on surfaces. A Water-jet Cutting System was utilized, allowing for precise and tailored cuts, ensuring exactness in design execution. 

Throughout the fabrication and installation phases, these patent-pending techniques and state-of-the-art equipment were used in tandem with expert craftsmanship to bring to life the vision of a durable, stain-resistant, and visually striking update for the homeowner — a true testament to the fusion of technology and design expertise.


Project Details

Adrian Arnlund (Principal Designer, Arnlund Designs)

Additional Contributor:
David Flock (General Manager, Moderno Porcelain Works Phoenix)

Interior Designer:
Jule Faz (Sales Manager, Moderno Porcelain Works Phoenix)

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Tile Category:
Residential Ceramic Tile

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