Porcelain tile pavers offer installation options that bring creative solutions to outdoor spaces.



  1. Versatile installation methods allow for a variety of uses
  2. Can be installed without adhesives directly onto grass, sand, and gravel
  3. Slip-resistant options for areas exposed to moisture, such as outdoor walkways, patios, outdoor kitchens, and pool areas
  4. Options that withstand freeze-thaw weather cycles
  5. Scratch-, stain-, dent-, water-, fade- and flame-resistant
  6. Raised floor installations meet numerous aesthetic and performance conditions


Porcelain tile pavers meet many aesthetic and functional needs for a variety of outdoor uses, which make them popular choices for patios, walkways, and pool areas.

2 cm gauged porcelain pavers can be installed using differing methods, allowing them to shine in various applications designed with outdoor projects in mind.

Porcelain tile pavers can be installed traditionally utilizing adhesives. This method of installation is a smart choice for porches, garages, parking spaces, and other areas that are subject to high traffic or heavy loads.

Porcelain tile pavers can also be installed directly onto grass, sand, or gravel without adhesives, making them an ideal choice for walkways or patio areas where adhesive applications aren’t possible, as well as for designs that showcase a grass or ground grid. When you are ready to change the design or layout, the slabs can be changed or moved with ease.

Another paver installation method is raised flooring with supports, also known as a pedestal system. With this type of installation, the pavers are laid directly onto pedestals, leaving a gap underneath the floor. This gap allows for rapid drainage, or it can provide space to lay plumbing or electrical utilities. Installation is made simple without the use of adhesives, and the tiles can be moved or replaced if needed. Raised flooring using porcelain pavers can be used on rooftop terraces, gazebos, commercial venue spaces, or wherever a raised installation is advantageous.

Additionally, porcelain pavers can create an uninterrupted design flow for indoor-outdoor spaces. Some porcelain pavers have options suitable for inside areas that match exterior styles for a space that blends effortlessly from indoors to outdoors.

In addition to versatility and style, porcelain tile pavers excel with the durability demanded by outdoor environments — scratch-, stain-, dent-, water-, and flame resistance. Hard-baked porcelain tile pavers are made to withstand weather conditions; they will not fade from the sun or melt under extreme heat, and options are available for freeze-thaw weather cycles. Slip-resistant options are also available for areas exposed to moisture, all the more important for outdoor installations.

From unparalleled performance to creative installation possibilities, porcelain tile pavers are a versatile feature for the design of outdoor living spaces.


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