Kitchen with horizontal stacked subway tile backsplash

Trend Alert: Stacked Subway Tile

Our favorite tile layout pattern is getting a makeover, and we think you’ll be pleased with the results. In case you haven’t already heard the buzz, we’re referring to the subway stile and it’s newest twist: stacked tile. Stacked subway tile is one of the biggest contemporary tile trends right now. We think you’ll understand…

Kitchen with yellow tile wall

Tile Color Inspiration Room by Room

Table of Contents Bathroom Color Ideas Master Bedroom Color Ideas Living Room Color Ideas Kitchen Color Ideas Open-Concept Floor Plan Color Ideas Outdoor Room Color Ideas Dining Room Color Ideas Laundry Room Color Ideas Color Inspiration for Any Room of the House Searching for a tile color for your space? With so many attractive tile…

Magnifying glass over tile

TCNA Makes History With a Powerful Industry-Wide Material Ingredient Guide

The Tile Council of North America (TCNA) released the innovative, first-ever Material Ingredient Guide at Coverings 2021, a collaborative resource that provides the following for materials used by North American tile, mortar, and grout manufacturers: Details about material ingredients Thorough health assessments  Steps toward material ingredient transparency for manufacturers to share their products’ content and…


Ceramic Tile Shopping Guide

Shopping for ceramic tile? You have many different options, so we’ve put together this shopping guide to walk you through both the fun and the important considerations.   What to Know Before Buying Ceramic Tile   Pointers on “Tile” Language We’ll guide you through the family of ceramic tile options that are ideal for a…


Ceramic Tile’s Benefits for Allergy Sufferers

Anyone who suffers from allergies knows the perils of allergy season, but while we tend to think of the culprits as living outside, many allergens can be found right inside your home. Your home’s flooring, specifically, can contribute to allergies, with certain flooring types harboring dust mites and other allergens, creating an environment conducive to…

Coverings 2022

Tile Trends and Rising Stars From Coverings 2021

In the weeks preceding Coverings ’21, we explored trending tile styles that we highly anticipated seeing in-person at the show: large hexagon tile, assorted aggregates (terrazzo) tile, green tile, XXL tile, and biophilic styles. Instagram style influencers did not disappoint with sneak peeks at what were indeed this year’s hottest trends on the show floor. Likewise,…


2021 Tile Trends: Biophilic Tile

Only one week remains until Coverings ‘21, meaning we have one more 2021 tile trend to explore. Biophilic tile is a trend that started growing last year and has certainly hit its stride in 2021’s post-pandemic renovation surge. Biophilic tile (and biophilic design in general) stems from biophilia, or humans’ innate need to connect with…

Stone-look XXL tile flooring

2021 Tile Trends: XXL Tile

With just a few weeks left until Coverings ‘21, we’re eager to explore yet another 2021 tile trend we expect to see there: XXL tile. We already live in an environment of super-sized portions, so let’s define exactly what XXL tile means. Also called gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs, XXL tile consists of tiles measuring up…

Textured muted green tile wall

2021 Tile Trends: Green Tile

As we anticipate Coverings ‘21 (less than a month away), thinking about the 2021 tile trends we expect to see is helping us pass the time.  This week brings us to green tile, a trend we couldn’t be more excited about. Of all the colors we can explore, green ceramic tile options are enormously varied.…

Terrazzo-look tile flooring and wall

2021 Tile Trends: Assorted Aggregates

Our countdown to Coverings continues, and to pass the time we’re looking at another top 2021 tile trend: assorted aggregates. Terrazzo-look tile’s incredible versatility is partly to thank for its rising popularity over the past couple of years: Completely dependent on the size and color of its “speckles,” terrazzo-look tile can be natural or playfully…


2021 Tile Trends: Large Hex Tile

With Coverings just weeks away, we’re celebrating by taking a closer look at each of the top 2021 tile trends we predicted at the beginning of the year. First up is an adaptation of a long-time favorite: hexagon tile. Hexagon tile is well-known in smaller sizes, including tiny hexes used in mosaics. This year, hexagon…

Large beige and white hexagon tiles

Introducing You to the New Neutrals

We take for granted a lot about neutral colors: We might expect they are tones without much color, including whites, creams, beiges, and grays, that they are a necessary backdrop for the brighter elements in interior decor, and that they’re intentionally unremarkable. We might choose a neutral color thinking it will have universal appeal for…


How to Make Square Tile Unique

Square tile doesn’t mean your creativity is boxed in. In fact, these square tile ideas certainly qualify for thinking “outside the box,” for unique ceramic tile ideas.  If you thought square tile was simple or tame, take note — square tile is making a design impact, largely thanks to new manufacturing techniques and installation patterns…