High ceilings and oversized marble-look tile in white and smokey brown create a bathroom with a dramatic and elegant spa-like appearance.

Covered in what appears to be bars of gold but is actually gold ceramic tiles, this counter is only slightly more glamorous than the chocolate-y marble-look tile that sets it off.

Marble looks don’t have to be black or white — this brownish marble-look tile features red tones and warm honey veining.

This space combines old and new with a unique Victorianesque black and white mosaic ceramic tile floor and a sleek black stacked subway ceramic tile feature wall.

The lobby is your first chance to impress your customers, and this hotel follows through with gorgeous ceramic tile in a marble-look for the counter and walls.

These ceramic tile floors in a dolomite marble look create an impressive backdrop for any retail or restaurant space.

This cafe strikes a natural-chic vibe with oversized dolomite marble-look ceramic tiles and a dark marble-look ceramic tile counter.

Matte ceramic tiles in shades of creamy white and cement gray paired with straightforward grid patterns give this restroom a clean and orderly look.

Sophisticated gray tiles with crisp white grout in a staggered pattern have a no-nonsense look that allows the green flaura design details to shine.

Express yourself! Achieve a tetris look such as this by staggering colors randomly into a one-of-a-kind subway tile installation.

Sleek matte gray ceramic tile with dark grout in an offset pattern creates a cobblestone look in this living space.