The look of rare gemstones is within reach with ceramic tile — per the example of this white onyx-look ceramic tile wall.

In a modern twist on the classic octagon and dot pattern, this floor tile grid utilizes black ceramic tiles to create octagons and squares in a one-of-a-kind floor pattern.

Veining that corresponds with the direction of the chevron tile pattern adds to the elegance of this ceramic tile flooring.

For an added touch of glamour, a gold decorative inset separates the white stone-look ceramic tile and the black marble-look ceramic wall tile.

White mosaic ceramic tile in a grid surrounds the bathtub, white chevron tile on the floor, and 3D dark marble-look tile on the wall join forces in this modern bathroom.

Sit back and lose yourself in this dramatic marble-look ceramic tile in multicolored veining of variegated green, browns, and a flash of white.

In colors ranging from white to orange-red, the dramatic veining on this dark marble-look ceramic tile steals the show.

For flooring that can stand up to intense games of hide and seek, ceramic tile is the go-to choice.

Rectangular gray wood-look ceramic tile in a herringbone pattern gives this living room flooring a playful vibe.

Light gray variegated ceramic tile with hints of blue and green gives this curbless shower and bathroom a cosmopolitan aura.

Follow the example of this open-concept space and keep things simple but interesting with light gray variegated ceramic tile.