When you can’t decide between two different ceramic tile styles, a staggered tile transition is a unique way to incorporate them both. Or, use a transition to create a one-of-a-kind style for your space and choose two style that work well together.

This spa takes style seriously, with wood-look ceramic tile in two colors, two shapes, and a staggered tile transition. Transitioning from planks to hexagons gives this wall a unique design element that highlights the business branding and suggests movement.

Three things we love about this retro laundry room: the pink, horizontally stacked subway tile, the vintage-inspired black and white ceramic tile flooring pattern, and that classic gold dog shower fixture.

This bathroom shows off two advantages of modern ceramic tile: water resistance, enabling wood looks in bathrooms and other moisture-prone areas, and the ability to create three-dimensional surfaces.

Talk about luxury: An all-white tile three-dimensional ceramic tile feature wall makes this bathroom a pristine personal retreat and a backdrop for darker colors and wood tones to pop.

Advances in ceramic tile manufacturing allow texture to be baked right into ceramic tile, including the beach-like ripples on this feature wall. Perfect for a bathroom, don’t you think?

High-end retail calls for high-end materials — such as this ceramic tile in matte black and concrete-look gray. Industrial chic at its finest! Easy maintenance means that the style appeal of this design will last for decades.

Where should we look first? The concrete-look tile flooring and texture blue tile feature wall compete for our attention in this stylish lobby—a beautiful welcome for every guest.

With dreamy stone-look ceramic tile such as this to gaze at, this living room is the perfect spot to curl up on the couch and let your thoughts wander. Because ceramic tile is so easy to clean, you will have more time for leisure and use less time cleaning.

With such beautiful textured tile to look at, dish duty doesn’t sound so bad. Don’t worry — ceramic tile is both water- and stain-resistant, so cleanup is easy. Even this small kitchen space is design savvy with ceramic tile.

Gorgeous natural gemstones can be right at home in your living room when you choose ceramic tile. Get the look of precious stones without the cost or sustainability issues of sourcing the real thing.

Do you normally think of gray when you imagine natural stone? These stone-look tile designs in peachy-pink and cream with green undertones prove that any look is possible with ceramic tile.