Where should we look first? The concrete-look tile flooring and texture blue tile feature wall compete for our attention in this stylish lobby—a beautiful welcome for every guest.

With dreamy stone-look ceramic tile such as this to gaze at, this living room is the perfect spot to curl up on the couch and let your thoughts wander. Because ceramic tile is so easy to clean, you will have more time for leisure and use less time cleaning.

With such beautiful textured tile to look at, dish duty doesn’t sound so bad. Don’t worry — ceramic tile is both water- and stain-resistant, so cleanup is easy. Even this small kitchen space is design savvy with ceramic tile.

Gorgeous natural gemstones can be right at home in your living room when you choose ceramic tile. Get the look of precious stones without the cost or sustainability issues of sourcing the real thing.

Do you normally think of gray when you imagine natural stone? These stone-look tile designs in peachy-pink and cream with green undertones prove that any look is possible with ceramic tile.

Take your ceramic tile from indoors to out with gauged porcelain tile pavers — a thicker porcelain tile option perfect for walkways, sidewalks, and patios. By using the same materials indoors and out, you create a unified look to your decor as you utilize outdoor living areas.

Pinkish beige gauged porcelain tile pavers and pearly white wall tile complement the pretty-in-pink paint color of this indoor-outdoor space. Note that ceramic tile has many options that withstand freeze-thaw cycles so that you can use ceramic tile in these spaces without worry of damage.

White marble-look porcelain tile establishes both sleek style and easy-to-clean, bacteria-resistant hygiene in this bathroom—everything you need for a material you can trust around your family.

Black marble-look tile flooring with scarce white veining sets a dramatic mood in this living room (or any room). Darker colors create a backdrop that can beautifully highlight wood furniture and textiles of all colors.

Talk about statement decor! Concrete-look gauged porcelain tile flooring lets the XXL striking marble-look porcelain slabs on the walls do all the talking in this living room.

Busy public places such as this see a lot of foot traffic, but you needn’t worry about scratches, scuffs, or dents with porcelain tile. This white and black marble-look tile will continue looking as good as it did on day one!

Porcelain tile is water-, scratch-, stain-, and bacteria-resistant, making it perfect for everything from living rooms to pools to outdoor showers and spaces that transition effortlessly to inside.