The yellow brick road takes on new meaning in this glamorous backsplash. Golden mini subway tile with slight color discoloration creates a visual display everyone will be following (with their gaze).

Combining both a luxurious look and low-maintenance functionality, this golden, luminescent tile backsplash is the perfect addition to any high-end cafe.

Looking for tile that pops? Modern tile manufacturing makes 3D tile designs like this glass-look tile possible. This double herringbone pattern creates even more interest for a unique installation.

This bathroom takes a contemporary approach to brick-look tile with a textured golden design that is sure to turn heads and impress guests.

One tile installation has the ability to completely change the look of your space. This gold brick-look tile backsplash takes the bathroom from traditional to trendy.

This kitchen backsplash adds a slight twist to classic white subway tile by alternating white with light blue and greige shades for a one-of-a-kind installation. You can also mix color tiles randomly for an even more unique look.

Cool shades such the blue and greige tones in this backsplash inspire peace and tranquility for a calming, yet stylish kitchen that also has a spotlessly clean look.

Striking the perfect balance between a playful hex pattern and a sophisticated neutral, this backsplash makes an understated statement of style sophistication.

The little black hex—appropriate for just about any decor! This black glass hexagon tile makes a rock star appearance as this feature wall.

The silver lining in this space is the floor-to-ceiling hexagon tile in a textured silver design that’s both elegant and casual at the same time. Fido approved, too.

They say opposites attract, and that’s certainly the case in this room. Peachy chevron wood-look tile leads up to dark and highly polished three-dimensional wall tile.

Love the look of brick fireplace surrounds? Brick-look small subway ceramic tile provides the added benefit of low maintenance and flame resistance.