Mosaic tiles in sandy hues make for a backsplash and bathroom with a casual beach ambiance with a sparkling presentation for your family and guest alike.

Marble-look ceramic tiles in a grid, diamond layout, and arabesque shapes create a minimalist—yet unmistakably luxurious—bathroom that creates a beautiful stage for the cabinetry and unique tub.

Who said your mud room has to be drab? The clever use of marble-look ceramic tiles in different shapes (hexagons and squares) but in the same style ensure that this mud room is anything but.

Quarry tile’s durability as well as slip resistance and water resistance make it an excellent choice for commercial kitchens. While design may not be the highest priority in this hard-working environment, quarry tile offers a durable work surface that’s stylish, as well.

Quarry tile lends durability, low maintenance, and understated style to this outdoor dining area, making it easy to maintain no matter what the weather brings.

When you can’t decide between two different ceramic tile styles, a staggered tile transition is a unique way to incorporate them both. Or, use a transition to create a one-of-a-kind style for your space and choose two style that work well together.

This spa takes style seriously, with wood-look ceramic tile in two colors, two shapes, and a staggered tile transition. Transitioning from planks to hexagons gives this wall a unique design element that highlights the business branding and suggests movement.

Three things we love about this retro laundry room: the pink, horizontally stacked subway tile, the vintage-inspired black and white ceramic tile flooring pattern, and that classic gold dog shower fixture.

This bathroom shows off two advantages of modern ceramic tile: water resistance, enabling wood looks in bathrooms and other moisture-prone areas, and the ability to create three-dimensional surfaces.

Talk about luxury: An all-white tile three-dimensional ceramic tile feature wall makes this bathroom a pristine personal retreat and a backdrop for darker colors and wood tones to pop.

Advances in ceramic tile manufacturing allow texture to be baked right into ceramic tile, including the beach-like ripples on this feature wall. Perfect for a bathroom, don’t you think?

High-end retail calls for high-end materials — such as this ceramic tile in matte black and concrete-look gray. Industrial chic at its finest! Easy maintenance means that the style appeal of this design will last for decades.