Want a cement look for your patio but worried about damage from water, fading, or freeze-thaw cycles? Ceramic tile can provide the exact look you’re imagining without any of these concerns. Plus, you have the vast options of ceramic tile’s colors and patterns to choose from for your ultimate outdoor space.

This dark stone-look ceramic tile has us dreaming of stormy nights and hearing thunder. Bring on the drama and cozy up next to the fireplace with a good book. Ceramic tile can also be used to surround fireplaces because it is flame-resistant and does not burn, melt, smoke, or give off toxic fumes when exposed…

Slate-look tile in honey and caramel shades is the main design attraction in this upscale restaurant. Don’t worry about damage from careless customers — ceramic tile is resistant to water, stains, and scratches.

Hotel lobbies require a flooring material that can stand up to busy foot traffic. Ceramic tile like this gorgeous slate-look design is resistant to scratches, stains, and wear and tear from visitors to keep its good looks for decades. The extended life of a ceramic tile floor also means less repair and replacement than many…

Gray stone-look tile flooring with swirly (dreamy) veining makes for the perfect classy-but-casual living room vibe. With dreamy stone-look ceramic tile such as this to gaze at, this living room is the perfect spot to curl up on the couch and let your thoughts wander. Because ceramic tile is so easy to clean, you will…

Who says bathrooms have to be utilitarian? Onyx-look gauged porcelain tile transforms this master bath into a paradise.

Create a one-of-a-kind master bathroom with XXL gauged porcelain tile in an onyx look.

Honey-toned stone-look gauged porcelain tile in a glossy finish makes this lobby ultra dreamy.

With ceramic tile, you can create a marble look in spaces with heavy foot traffic (such as a library) without fear of wear and tear.

Ceramic tile makes for beautiful, inviting, and low-maintenance lobby flooring.

This ceramic wall tile creates the illusion of glass tile for a a beautiful feature wall in this outdoor patio.

Marble is everywhere, but you’ve probably never seen a ceramic tile black marble look like this before. In addition to the lightning bolts of white veining that shoot out across each tile, the material also features speckles of white that bring to mind the stars in the sky. A herringbone tile pattern ensures that the veining and other markings are scattered across the space, giving the floor a perfectly fragmented look.