High-end boutiques call for high-end flooring, and this polished wood-look gauged porcelain tile fits the bill.

Gauged porcelain tile panels allow you to showcase gorgeous designs (such as this polished wood look) on massive surfaces.

Unique artwork can set your restaurant apart. Incorporate art into your restaurant’s design itself with custom gauged porcelain tile slabs.

A custom-designed gauged porcelain tile panel allows this restaurant interior to reflect the branding and dining experience.

We’re not sure what to admire first; the live tree in the center of this space, or the intricate hexagon designs on the gauged porcelain tile slabs.

Inscribe your motto, your company’s mission, or any other important phrase directly onto your tile with custom gauged porcelain designs.

Artwork that you can install anywhere in your building that will stand the test of time — that’s the beauty of gauged porcelain tile designs.

Thanks to a custom gauged porcelain tile design, the city can be admired both inside and outside of this building.

We’d hate to see this beautiful mural damaged by the weather but with the durability, water resistance, and fade resistance of gauged porcelain tile, that won’t be an issue.

With gauged porcelain tile panels and slabs, unique custom designs such as this cityscape are possible.