This cafe strikes a natural-chic vibe with oversized dolomite marble-look ceramic tiles and a dark marble-look ceramic tile counter.

Matte ceramic tiles in shades of creamy white and cement gray paired with straightforward grid patterns give this restroom a clean and orderly look.

Sophisticated gray tiles with crisp white grout in a staggered pattern have a no-nonsense look that allows the green flaura design details to shine.

Express yourself! Achieve a tetris look such as this by staggering colors randomly into a one-of-a-kind subway tile installation.

Sleek matte gray ceramic tile with dark grout in an offset pattern creates a cobblestone look in this living space.

This charcoal gray ceramic tile in a standard grid takes advantage of a slightly darker shade for grout to give a subtle emphasis to the orderly floor pattern.

Ceramic tile flooring such as this goes a long way toward creating a fresh and bright appearance in commercial spaces. Plus, durability and easy maintenance means less down time for cleaning or repairs.

For flooring that will look great while also standing up to heavy foot traffic and furniture, look no further than beautiful and durable ceramic tile.

Ceramic tile — flooring that will stand up to science experiments and whatever else you throw at it. Color is baked right into ceramic tile so no worries about fading from the sun, or from cleansers. Likewise, ceramic tile is scratch and stain resistant to keep it looking brand new for decades.

Whether on the floor or the wall, ceramic tile in this spa is working hard while you are working out! Ceramic tile is bacteria resistant and options are available with antimicrobial properties that can suppress and even destroy harmful microorganisms, such as mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Not sure how to lay your ceramic tile? Staggering ceramic tiles such these oversized subway tile shapes adds visual interest to both floors and walls without becoming too distracting.

Classic meets glamour in this three-dimensional backsplash ceramic tile clad in both a bright metallic look and a white-marble look.