Combine dark and light stone-look ceramic tile in different sizes and shapes to create an interesting flooring design. While this pattern may look playful or random, the bigger picture shows order, as well as an intention to provide movement from one area to the next in this public space.

Linen is one of the oldest textiles in the world and has been used historically for its strength and fresh feel, as well as for having a unique texture and aesthetic. Manufacturers are bringing you these benefits in a new and exciting way: ceramic tile with a linen texture. Rectangular tiles visually widen this wall,…

Pair a concrete look with oversized irregular hexagon ceramic tiles and you have the magic that is this living room floor.

They say it’s not the destination but the journey, and with stone-look ceramic tile stairs as beautiful as these, we’re prepared to journey wherever they lead to. Additionally, ceramic tile provides slip-resistant options appropriate for different applications.

Ceramic tile is water-resistant, making it the perfect choice to surround vanishing edge pools. This alabaster textured ceramic tile provides a surround that will withstand weather elements and still look stunning!

Now this is what we call a master bath, equipped with a curbless shower, a wraparound floating gauged porcelain tile counter, a unique backsplash design, and ceramic tile throughout in coordinating styles and shapes.

This bathroom backsplash features ceramic tile patterns for you to admire while you wash up. Arrange these designs randomly or in a specific order to take advantage of the ability to express your personal style with ceramic tile.

A beautiful entryway deserves gorgeous dark wood-look ceramic tile that protects your home from all the elements you (or your pets or kids) may drag in. Easy cleaning means this entryway remains something to look forward to every time you return home.

Slightly polished wood-look ceramic tile flooring in light brown hues creates a classic look for this contemporary home—a backdrop that will stand the test of time and outlive any passing fads.

Ceramic tile’s durable functionality means that you can create wood-look patios and pathways outdoors without the maintenance concerns associated with actual wood, such as fading and water damage.

This grayscale polygon ceramic tile pathway is giving the red carpet a monochromatic run for its money.

White marble-look ceramic tiles create a bright and energizing shower design that might just make you want to linger for a few minutes more.