Three-dimensional flooring? No — that’s just the illusion created by this unique tile flooring pattern.

Who said stone looks have to be earth tones? With ceramic tile, you can find any natural look in any color.

This floor tile offers a playful twist on standard stone looks by going with a blue hue and hexagon shape.

An elongated hex tile shape and horizontal picket fence layout lend a unique style to this white marble-look design.

Arabesque tile shapes add a playful touch to this white marble-look bathroom design.

Time-worn traditional patterns meet a contemporary, industrial cement-look in this tile feature wall.

Variegated glossy blue brick-look tile makes for a contemporary twist on the classic design.

Flame-resistant and highly durable (not to mention oh-so-stylish), ceramic tile makes a perfect fireplace surround.

This fireplace is ablaze with style with a floor-to-ceiling hexagon tile surround.

Flaunt your fireplace with a tile surround. We particularly admire this floor-to-ceiling hexagon tile surround.

Nothing rivals a view of the ocean — except maybe this pastel blue ceramic tile backsplash. The backsplash leads your gaze right to the sea, but still, you might find yourself returning to the tile. Although light in color, the backsplash won’t show any stains or scratches; and you won’t need to worry about water…

Is your kitchen lacking a main attraction? This space shows you how to add a showstopper that has both looks and functionality. The backsplash features a standard square grid, but there’s nothing typical about the tiles within it. Each square has a rounded surface and a heavy gloss, making you want to reach out and…