When you won’t settle for anything less than the best, ceramic tile is an obvious choice for combining beautiful designs such as this stone-look ceramic tile with incredible durability and functional benefits.

A classic look paired with a modern floor type: Wood-look ceramic tile flooring combines the best of wood’s aesthetics with the functional and low-maintenance benefits of ceramic tile.

Worried about this gorgeous wood flooring getting ruined outdoors? We aren’t — wood-look ceramic tile’s water resistance holds up in any space inside or outside your home.

Flooring so beautiful you’ll want to admire it up close — modern technology allows wood-look ceramic tile flooring to be designed with any colors and graining you want.

What’s more eye-catching, the cupcakes or the multicolored mosaic tile backsplash in a brickwork pattern? The random color combination creates delicious interest for a one-of-a-kind look!

Various polygon shapes combine in white and silver hues to create a a unique mosaic tile full-wall backsplash design.

Hexagons, anyone? Shades of white and blue combine to create this playful mosaic tile flooring.

Who said white tile was plain? Square three-dimensional ceramic tiles combine fore a repeated rectangular design that makes this feature wall (literally) stand out.

Can’t choose between a traditional or unique design? This bathroom opts for both with wood-look ceramic tile flooring and a bright blue 3D ceramic tile wall. In addition to this stand-out design, ceramic tile provides easy cleaning and hygienic benefits for your bathroom.

The textured, multicolored, and polished look of this mosaic tile feature wall reminds us of stones in a bubbling brook.

These three-dimensional mosaic tiles resemble waves with their upward and downward slopes.

Create a magical oasis in your shower with these pearly white three-dimensional mosaic tiles. When installed and maintained properly, ceramic tile provides a waterproof system for areas exposed to wet conditions, such as the shower.