What catches your eye first: the warm wood-look ceramic tile flooring or the weathered gray patterned tile backsplash? We can’t decide either.

This bathroom’s feature wall utilizes wood-look ceramic tile in a twist on the traditional chevron pattern, complemented by a simpler running bond ceramic tile flooring pattern.

Entryway flooring needs to be able to stand up to everything you bring in from outside, including water, dirt, and grit. With water, stain, and scratch resistance, ceramic tile is a natural choice.

The gray wood-look ceramic tile in a herringbone pattern lends contemporary flair to a basement game room.

This space’s beauty lies with its flooring — a crosshatch pattern with wood-look ceramic tile in stark color contrasts.

For a simple twist on the classic subway tile design, this feature wall uses marble-look ceramic tile rather than plain white tiles.

A subtle marble-look design on this beige ceramic tile will have you leaning in closer to admire the detail.

Gray mosaic ceramic tiles in varying sizes create a beautiful backdrop for the open shelving and wine display.

A unique herringbone pattern in multiple ceramic tile sizes set this floor apart from typical designs.

Variegation and a textured look transform this gray ceramic tile grid from standard to stunning.

The slanted shape of these wood-look ceramic tiles creates the impression of numerous tiny steps running across the living room floor. Just. Wow.

Easy to clean and hypoallergenic, wood-look ceramic tile is a great choice for bedrooms. And, not to go unnoticed, this luxurious silver-gray wood-look ceramic tile is a color choice that makes this room.