Baby crawling on tile

With bacteria and allergen resistance, ceramic tile creates a safe and hygienic flooring surface for babies to crawl on.

This space matches its flooring to its delftware-inspired pottery with blue and white checkered ceramic tile and neutral gray grout that virtually disappears.

Warm wood-look ceramic tile, oversized gray wood-look ceramic tile, and light creamy stone-look ceramic tile combine to create an impressive lobby that will stand up to high foot traffic for decades.

This nook and bar front has a unique look thanks to the end-cut wood grain of these square tiles set in a diamond pattern. The design of the ceramic tiles washed with luscious red is offset by a zig-zag installation of cream in the same tile style.

Blue and green mosaic ceramic tiles showcasing end-cut wood grain create a stunning tiled counter front in this cafe.

Can’t decide between gray tile and beige ceramic tile? Follow this boutique’s example and use both, alternating colors with each row of tile.

Oversized in rich colors and highly polished, these wood-look ceramic tiles elevate this boutique to the highest standard.

Wood-look gauged porcelain tile panels and slabs create a design so beautiful it rivals nature itself.

High-end boutiques call for high-end flooring, and this polished wood-look gauged porcelain tile fits the bill.

Gauged porcelain tile panels allow you to showcase gorgeous designs (such as this polished wood look) on massive surfaces.

Unique artwork can set your restaurant apart. Incorporate art into your restaurant’s design itself with custom gauged porcelain tile slabs.

A custom-designed gauged porcelain tile panel allows this restaurant interior to reflect the branding and dining experience.