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Bar With Large Tile Floor

Large marble effect panels paired with the tumbled texture of small mosaics make for an interesting proposition. But wait, there’s a surprise in store, or should we say, a surprise in the floor—a streak of mosaics accent the large format square floor tiles. It’s the bronze age (color) but using the latest technology in ceramic…

Pale Wood-Look Tile Patio

With a backyard like this, you want to use decor elements that are one with nature, complementing its beauty without trying to steal the show. It’s a difficult task, but this light wood-look ceramic tile flooring pulls it off beautifully. Ceramic tile is the natural choice for outdoor surfaces, with resistance to water, scratches, and…

Shiny Stone-Look Bathroom Tile

Shiny stone-look ceramic tile is shown off in this generously sized bathroom. Large-format tiles reflect the light and show off the clean and healthy features of ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is water-resistant, and is inhospitable to mold, mildew, and bacteria. And, with a wide variety of slip-resistant options, ceramic tile is the perfect flooring for…

Gray Stone Tile Grid

A cozy apartment makes efficient use of space, with lots of storage above the futon, and a fun lamp that fits the space perfectly. Ceramic tile is an efficient flooring choice, with easy care and a long-lasting, durable finish. When you choose tile for your home, you are choosing a healthy and safe surface that…

Stone Look Restaurant

Time and place evade you as you step into this charming restaurant. Stone-look ceramic tile floors, soft white and blush pink tones, and the flowers in a window box create a whimsical feeling, making you wonder if you’ve suddenly been transported to the streets of Paris. But these aren’t cobblestones you’re walking on, but rather…

Stone Look Lobby

This lobby combines both traditional and modern elements to establish a cool and confident vibe. How does it do it? The brickwork pattern of the stone-look ceramic tile flooring and wall evoke a farmhouse feel, while the white leather chairs and catwalk-esque lights are the picture of modernity. Somehow nostalgic and forward-looking at the same…

Large Beige Floor Tiles

A rich cocoa-colored wall brings sophistication and warmth to this living room. The modern recliner in luxurious brown leather is ready and waiting for someone to settle in and relax, perhaps to read. The ceramic tile flooring in a leather-looking beige continues the elegance in large-format squares. Ceramic tile has a wide variety of design…