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Tiled Meeting Room

Light, paired with three-dimensional wall tile, is a key design element in this modern meeting space. The way light plays off 3-D tile will change based on your position in the room, so brightening and dimming the lights can have a dramatic effect. The light also plays nicely with all the sculptural elements used, from…

Marble-Look Tiled Bathroom

Light fills this spotless room, reflecting off all the surfaces and showing off the clean lines and modern aesthetic. Floor-to-ceiling marble-look ceramic tiles are the perfect option for the beautifully designed curbless shower. Without visual barriers, a curbless shower maximizes the usable space and instantly makes a bathroom appear larger. Water-resistant ceramic tile has a…

Lobby With Stone Floor

Soothing water and sleek stone combine with the warm colors of this lobby décor to create a truly unique space. Visitors will enjoy the cozy — yet attention-grabbing — ambiance of running water. Ceramic tile’s water-proof installation methods and slip-resistant options allow this to be a worry-free indoor feature. Pair this look with chic chairs…

Totally Tiled Kitchen

Stainless steel and dark wood cabinets are the backbone of this kitchen, giving a sleek, modern aesthetic to the room. The tile provides the room its personality, though, with variegated stone-look style. Note the clever use of size, where a smaller version of the floor tiles makes up the backsplash — details like this are…